Have you ever imagined a world where nobody had a set of values? It would be total chaos, if everyone gives up morals and ethics in life. Yet, many people fail to live up to their own expectations at workplace, just because they are not able to come out of their comfort zones. For instance, gossip isn’t illegal, but from the ethics point of view, it is someone’s disrespect. And that someone doesn’t have to be from your office or school, anyone’s backbiting shows that you’re a man of negative character. Did you know that there are only four ways in which we have contact with the world, and we are judged, evaluated and eventually classified based on these four contacts that we have with the world – What we do, how we look, what we say, and how we say it.


This golden rule applies in all circumstances of our lives, including the workplace. We are living in a community where procrastination has become a ritual, and if anything goes wrong in any task then people aren’t event ready to take responsibility for their actions. Employees must understand that in order to set an example for others, they first need to look within and maintain their integrity. Even when no one is watching you, still there is a pair of eyes watching you, and that’s you yourself. So instead of spending the first 15 minutes of the shift gossiping about random stuff, employees need to respect their colleagues and their value system. There’s nothing wrong in eating at your work station, except the fact that working and eating together shows that you are not very organized.


Communication is something we can’t live without, whether it’s verbal, non-verbal or written. But it’s also important that we follow the hierarchy while communicating the message. It is good to be transparent & open, but it is also important to continually improve in your strengths, so that you could become a master of your skills and reap the benefits of it. In fact, sometimes even without saying something we are communicating a lot of information about ourselves – that is by the way we dress. A decent and respectful dress code at the workplace not only keeps you comfortable, but also ensures that none of the fingers are pointed at your personality. Working in a team can get monotonous, but conflict resolution has to be avoided no matter what, if the employees wish to see their company grow. Always strive for excellence! Earn the trust of other through your ‘karma, and then live up to their expectations always.


It’s all about relationships. We need to foster relationships that last over a lifetime, no matter what happens. And in order to do that, we need to improvise on our interpersonal conversations with others. And just being right always is not enough, if you see something wrong, then reporting that and taking action is also a part of the Ethics’ Bible. Life is all about doing the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do. An organization’s reputation can easily be damaged if it doesn’t embed its core values inside an ethics programme for their staff. Being an MBA in HR myself, I personally feel that the role of an HR is that of a mother in any organization. Hence, it is the duty and responsibility of the HR Department to adopt and implement a strong principle-based approach. If the employees don’t adopt a principles-based approach to decision-making, then the organization is not well-equipped to face the ethical dilemmas.


So if you want to be happy & satisfied in life, and if you wish to create a positive ambience in your life and at your workplace, then you need to stop behaving the same way  at office as you behave at your home. Understand that Ethics are not there to downgrade you or keep you in check, they are there just to make you more aware of your duties and responsibilities in the organization. Most essentially, help you as an employee in the longer run by making your value system stronger, so that you can develop  your own feeling of attachment and loyalty towards your company. Don’t think that ethics are there to bound you in some way, they are simply there to make you an indispensable employee, one that is disciplined and consistent!



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