Call for Action: India Needs Responsible Citizens

“Jai Javaan, Jai Kisaan, Jai Sanvidhaan!”

India is fast-evolving into a super power, and it is we, the people of this worthy democracy, who must take on the role of game-changers. Our fearless soldiers are protecting us, robust farmers are feeding us, and a dynamic government is leading us towards a transparent system. It is we, the people now, who must fulfil our rights and duties as responsible citizens. We must seek and assume responsibility of doing the right thing, and of not letting a wrongdoer get away without feeling the heat of our collective courage. Always remember, ‘I CAN’T, WE CAN!’

So here’s a list of things that every Indian must do to make the nation and its economy grow by leaps and bounds. If you do it just once to feel good about yourself, it won’t help, but if you do it every single day of your life, the world will see India evolve into the largest economy soon:

  1. Don’t buy gold: 27% of our imports consist of Gold. People buy gold and keep them in the lockers for life. We must keep our money in circulation, because one rupee spent by you today is creating a value of 10 rupees for someone else.
  2. Pay taxes: Not because it’s a legal obligation, but because it’s an investment by you for your future generations.
  3. Always ask for bills: Let us make sure that everybody follows the 2nd point. Every time you pay Sales Tax and VAT, check if the TIN Number and Sales Tax number is present on the bill. Not having it means it is not a valid tax invoice. You should complain about it to the VAT department of your state immediately.
  4. Always discourage corrupt practices: Corruption has been the root cause of our delayed growth in the last 60 years, because it leads to bureaucratic delay and inefficiency. If every citizen decides to blow the whistle, then our country will make over US$50 billion every year – no kidding!
  5. Prefer to buy locally manufactured goods as much as possible: You don’t have to be a typical Swadeshi at all times, but whenever possible, prefer local goods to the imported ones, because fact of the matter is, that any conversion of rupee to other currencies depreciates the value of INR.
  6. Use less electricity/Install solar panels: Let’s accept the fact, we don’t have plenty of electricity to waste, and less usage by you makes more electricity available for farmers and industries, who are indeed the growth drivers of our economy.
  7. Walk or cycle whenever you can: 66% of our imports are for Oil. We can’t produce more oil, what we can do instead is use less of it. Less import will certainly reduce the Current Account Deficit (CAD) which will directly have a positive impact on India’s credit ratings. FYI, Better credits ratings are essential to attract foreign investment.
  8. Each one, Teach one: This is not just a slogan. By 2021, 64% of our population will be in the age group of 15-59 years, which is the typical working age. These people will only be able to contribute to the society and to the economy, if they are educated.
  9. Empower the women: Let us not satisfy our egos, let us empower the Indian women to unlock the full potential of India. So don’t let any religion or any society oppress our women!
  10. Last but not the least, think before you breed: Population explosion is actually a curse and is damaging the economy. If you just can’t do without a large family, adopt children instead!

By adopting these practices, you will certainly benefit your nation to a large extent, and play a key role in the change that India is witnessing.



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